A Snapshot overview

Working with me is a blend of three distinct and overlapping areas. Our focused approach is co-created and driven by your goals and desires in these realms.

  1. Erotic Intelligence: Awakening your creative life-force by expanding from your mind into your heart, sex, and ground of being.

  2. Somatic Integrative Coaching: A personal journey into feeling your power and presence, and bringing all parts of you “home.”

  3. Embodied Sexuality: An expanded path of intimacy accessed by discovering your unique sexual turn-ons, boundaries, and needs for sexual expression.






  1. Erotic Intelligence

What is Erotic Intelligence?

Your erotic nature is the primal, passionate, and creative intelligence that breathes and moves you. Eroticism includes sexual arousal and expands beyond, to include the fullness of your presence, life-force, and natural joy.  This source of vitality is the doorway to your most integrated, embodied and wild self. This is where your superpowers reign.

Erotic intelligence is your inherent power and wisdom. The more aware you are of this potency within you, the more you can harness and channel it for your personal pleasure and connection, as well as for higher states of innovation, creativity, embodiment and evolution.  

When you’re present and in a flow state, you transmit a quality of aliveness that nourishes your whole self. It unlocks deeper health from the micro to macro levels of your being, from your cellular structure, muscles, and fascia to your emotional wellness, mental state, and spiritual embodiment.  When harnessed, the power of your erotic presence and nourishment pulsates towards all the beings around you.

When you’re connected to your deeper essence and erotic nature, there is a natural outpouring of love and connection in everything you do.  Erotic intelligence influences all of our creations, whether it’s a business concept, an artistic endeavor, or a delicious meal, infusing them with meaning, purpose, and pleasure.

We are wired to be turned on by life!
Intimacy coach

Accessing Your Erotic Intelligence

Integrative coaching

Initiations Into Erotic Power


2. Somatic Integrative Coaching

What is somatic integrative coaching?

The body holds our history, including what occurred before we had words to verbalize what we were experiencing, as well as ancient collective memories passed down through our DNA.

Traumatic experiences become stored in our bodies, resulting in subconscious strategies that help us avoid the pain and confusion we (or our ancestors) felt.

Somatic integrative coaching is the approach I use to bring those strategies into the light and out of looping patterns that can cause isolation, unresolved anger, fear, grief, chronic pain, and so on.

“Somatic” means that we venture into the emotions, traumas, stories, and longings held in the physical and emotional mind-body. We listen to the wisdom and experiences of the entire organism.

“Integrative” means that we work to welcome and integrate all parts of us, including messy or “stuck” parts of ourselves, back into the whole.

Somatic integrative sessions might include:

  • Navigating your relationship to the unknown and uncertainty

  • Exploring who you are beyond your current self-images, to feel the seat of your presence, potential, and being

  • Discovering and befriending your shadow, and calling exiled parts of you home

  • Opening your heart to fear-based patterns of separation, aloneness, defensiveness, and isolation.

  • Exploring power dynamics and ways you give or take power in relational exchanges; experiential power-dynamic play as a healing and integrative methodology

The intention of this deep work is to call the wounded parts of ourselves home, and reunite with an embodied sense of presence. Our presence carries us when darker waves of life tumble us underground.  It is our birthright to live from the joy of being, and to learn to love our unique, messy, beautiful selves.

Being human means being a messy and wildly unique creature.
Embodiment coach

We’re Wired To Connect And Protect

Integrative coaching

Busting The Gilded Cage Of Social Conditioning, Shame, And Repression


3. Embodied Sexuality

What is Embodied Sexuality?

Embodied sexuality is the full expression of your sexuality through your senses, mind, fantasies, heart, and presence of being. To be embodied is to remain present to all that is occurring through your mind, body, and subtle senses.  It takes practice to stay aware and attuned to your experience, and to the points of connection or disconnection you feel with yourself or your lover.

In contrast, disembodiment is when we’ve forgotten we have a body and are caught in our thoughts, assumptions, or performance anxiety. When we are disembodied, we may withdraw or criticize others to protect our vulnerability.

Embodiment asks us to descend from interpretations, worry, control, and self-evaluation into the real-time experience that our heart, gut, sex and soul are having.  This practice help us break away from being run by our survival strategies and reactivity.

Embodied sexuality invites us to merge, surrender and dissolve the illusion of separation.
Conscious sexuality

What Is Embodied Sexuality?

Integrative coach

Sexual Sovereignty: Embodying Your Authentic Sexual Expression

Conscious relationship

Unraveling Conditioned Beliefs. Remembering Sexuality As A Healing Force