1. Individual Coaching:

    The German root to the word friendship translates into, “Place of High Safety.” My intention is to be an accepting and trustworthy space for your wisdom, fears, reactions, and heart to reveal the fullness of who you are. Safety and trust are essential for insights, transformation, and clarity to emerge. I offer sessions in-person, by video and telephone.

  2. Individual Immersion Retreats:

    Immersions are co-created and custom-designed, based on your goals and desires. This process includes pre-immersion coaching, followed by an immersive retreat time in a beautiful natural setting where you can unplug from your daily responsibilities and fully surrender to yourself. My job is to hold a safe container for you to go as deep and wide as you feel called. Immersions also include integrative post-retreat coaching sessions, to help you bring your insights and expansion into your daily life.

  3. Customized Group Retreats:

    Group retreats are customized by my colleagues and I, based on topics that you want to explore with a small group of your colleagues or friends. Common topics include eroticism, embodied sexuality, and power dynamics.

    It has been my experience that the gathering of focused hearts and minds opens powerful wisdom channels. Each one of us is an innovator, and when we join together, there is unlimited potential for what can come through us. Deep blessings emerge for each of us, personally and as a collective.


Anne-Marie is exquisitely attuned and superordinately compassionate — fearless even unto the furthest and deepest ranges of life.

She is a fierce defender of truth — calmly ever-present even in the face of high-stakes peril. She is able to perceive underneath the veil of being – truth all the way down to the bones — with precision, insight, and tact.

She is one of the most skillful and talented practitioners that I know. She is the light in the room that always knows the way home.

Albert Wong, Ph.D., Director of Somatic Psychology, John F. Kennedy University


Is this for you?

The people who resonate the most with my approach are deeply devoted to personal evolution and growth. You are committed to “looking under the hood,” to learning how to nourish your gifts and to investigating your reactive protective patterns.

This is for badass change makers who know what it’s like to endure the pain of longing for authenticity, play, arousal, peace, and freedom while finding yourself chained and drained by the rat race.

This is for you brave ones who are not willing to go back to sleep. For people who want to embody and express their power and creativity with integrity and unfettered passion. For those of you who are willing to get messy, remake yourselves, and come home to who you are beyond your current persona.

My job as a guide is to support you in accessing your innate wisdom body, so you can experience the unbridled bliss and primal steam of your erotic intelligence, creativity, and embodiment.

Intimacy coach
You are here to curate a unique medicine by alchemizing your power, integrity and wisdom.


Each session is driven by your desires, your goals, and the arenas of your power, spirituality, and eroticism that you want to explore.

Sessions can be focused on:

  1. Erotic intelligence

    Through dialogue, exercises, and play, we explore your access points to the fullest and most joyful expressions of your erotic nature, in both sexual and non-sexual ways.

  2. Somatic integrative Coaching

    Somatic integrative healing may include therapeutic touch, talk, emotional clearing, energy pattern clearing, or shamanic-based soul retrievals. Spirit guides and animals who are here to support your evolution may be revealed, opening pathways for you to expand your embodiment of yourself.

    We also look at your relationships and relational patterns. Patterns in relationships are powerful entry points to discover your superpowers and your kryptonite, including showing you where repair is needed with yourself, with Spirit, with your sense of belonging, or with the people you love.

  3. Embodied Sexuality

    We explore this territory through a “relationship lab” model. We each bring our vulnerability, needs, and challenges to the coaching relationship. The sessions are fully clothed. We navigate through touch, sound, play, and sexual-based experiments to study how you’re showing up and where you’re shutting down or disconnecting, from yourself or from me as your lab partner.

All sessions typically involve a combination of education, embodied practices, and harvesting your insights and learnings, followed by homework practices to further your integration.

Erotic Intelligence, Somatic Integrative Coaching and Embodied Sexuality may all be explored within one session, or we may focus on just one of these, depending on your goals and how the mystery guides us.

The menus of options within each are vast. We will discuss your desires and co-design a map for your exploration and transformation.

Conscious relationship


Anne-Marie didn't just help heal a layer of the spiral, but the whole spiral, and the manifestations I've met since my new sense of wholeness and fullness has been fascinating and joyful.

Her deep love and compassion and fearlessness to meet the shadow and pain to liberate the soul is exquisite and I am so excited for all those who chose her to work with and walk their healing journey.

Sophie Brunet, Vancouver, Canada

Anne-Marie carries the keen gift of seeing beyond what is overtly shown, and listening with her whole heart and body.

Jen Berlingo, Art sorceress, Licensed counselor, Art psychotherapist, Reiki master


Integrative & Relationship-Based Coaching

Conscious sexuality

In private sessions, we explore how you can bring more of your presence and superpowers into everything you do. Based on your goals and needs, we focus on the areas of your life that feel impeded by challenges, outdated habits, perceptions and belief systems.

In relationship-based coaching, my intention is to help you explore relational dynamics that you’re struggling with, through observing and co-exploring how they show up between us.  We use the model of a relationship lab to experiment with how we relate when we are relaxed or when we’re stressed or feeling uncertain.

This approach creates a quality of connection that invites you to be ALL of who you are, which includes bringing the parts of yourself that you judge or defend. It also puts us in a realistic dynamic of being equally human, both gifted and vulnerable. I bring all of myself to you, and drop the persona of needing to be, a perfect professional, myself. We play with how to give and receive reflections about impact with curiosity, compassion, connection and personal responsibility.  

My commitment to you

I am personally committed to my own process of authenticity and “re-wilding myself” out of self-imposed constraints, limiting beliefs, and other boxes built by fear and protection. I extend my life experience, trainings, and passion to support you to live a life in which you thrive. I am here to help you learn to navigate the changes and obstacles that arise in life with trust, courage and confidence.


I am committed to:

✔ Offering you the experience that ALL of you is welcome, including the disowned and innocent strategies that create pain and disconnection in your life.

✔ Showing you that you’re not alone even when you feel that way. Healing and re-patterning old habits requires feeling loved and accepted even when we’re being messy humans.

✔ Helping you discover the unconscious ways you fall into reactive defensives, and leveraging these moments as choice points and opportunities for a more embodied and connected approach.

✔ Mining down to the root of a challenge rather than providing a superficial solution that will only be temporarily helpful.

✔ Creating a relationship lab together where we get to explore the dynamics of reactivity and passion, with a lot of compassion and curiosity.

✔ Examining my own contribution and role in our dynamic together, so you can learn to trust your intuition and speak directly about your experience when something feels off.

Staying steady with you even if you want to push me away.

✔ Bringing compassion that sometimes feels soft and sometimes feels fierce. I care most about you coming home to yourself, and to a way of connecting with others that represents the depth of your vision and purpose beyond "shoulds."