Words alone do not do justice to the gift that is Anne-Marie Marron.  

She is exquisitely attuned and superordinately compassionate — fearless even unto the furthest and deepest ranges of life.

She is a fierce defender of truth — calmly ever-present even in the face of high-stakes peril.

She is able to perceive underneath the veil of being – truth all the way down to the bones — with precision, insight, and tact.

She flows easily in the world of paradox:  business and higher purpose, humility and leadership, shadow and light, primal and sublime.

I trust her to do ever the right thing, be in the right place — all the way into even the deepest of felt knowing.

She is one of the most skillful and talented practitioners that I know.

She is the light in the room that always knows the way home.

— Albert Wong, Ph. D, San Francisco, California

Director of Somatic Psychology, John F. Kennedy University
Somatopia, Creating an Embodied World


The work I did, the wound I mended, the healing that occurred with Anne-Marie is so incredible.

Other healers have come to my edges where they get stuck and stop. Anne-Marie saw that place, spoke to it and asked me for help to move through it. Her eyes were so deep and her soul so visibly humble and genuine, I trusted her and passed beyond a barrier into the deepest healing I needed of a childhood wound I'd been carrying.

She didn't just help heal a layer of the spiral, but the whole spiral, and the manifestations I've met since my new sense of wholeness and fullness has been fascinating and joyful. 

Her deep love and compassion and fearlessness to meet the shadow and pain to liberate the soul is exquisite and I am so excited for all those who chose her to work with and walk their healing journey.

— Sophie Brunet, Vancouver, Canada


My sessions with Anne-Marie have been extremely transformative and freeing, leading me to places my soul has been calling for lifetimes.  

The depth at which she works and the tenderness in which she holds space, even via video conference, provide amazing guidance and a loving mirror.  

In a recent session I was led gently into the heart of my shame around sexuality and spirituality. I came out the other end in full body bliss and a window into just how powerful and joyful I am!  

Anne-Marie has helped me to deeply accept myself, and to love myself as me so that I can give that love fully to others!

Thank you for your incredible perception, attunement and dedication. I feel totally met and seen by you.

— Zoey Wren, Nelson, Canada

Relationship and Intimacy Coach,
Sacred Sound and Movement Artist


My sessions with Anne-Marie are always incredibly fruitful, deep & healing. She holds space in a way where I feel met, seen, heard and we get to go to incredible places together. I get to really feel what is happening in my body and identify my emotions and what is going on within myself. The range of emotional experiences are anywhere from moving through shame, sadness and anger to accessing gratitude, joy and peacefulness.

I LOVE discovering more of my erotic nature with her and learning new ways to express myself and access vision of possibilities. She is incredibly present with me, tracking all the intricacies and subtle shifts so I can be more present with what is happening. She is fierce, compassionate and brings it all with so much love! 

I experience Anne-Marie fully being in her gift and power in this work and highly recommend her for anyone ready to dive into their erotic nature in playful, adventurous and powerful ways!

— Joetta Marie Johnson, Boulder, Colorado

Financial Mastery Coach, priestess of finance


Anne-Marie is extraordinary! She's one of the most well-attuned, empathic, sincere and skillful practitioners I've ever worked with, and one of the most courageous human beings.

When you're walking a challenging road, you need help from someone who doesn't shirk their own journey, and Anne-Marie is that person.

She offers guidance for all the facets of your process — claiming your power, embracing your purpose, unfolding into the profound depths of your spirit and your erotic nature — and on all of those fronts, she is a passionate and brilliant explorer and trailblazer. 

— Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph. D, Oakland, California

author of Soul on Earth:
A Guide to Living & Loving Your Human Life

Intimacy coach

I had the pleasure of working with Anne-Marie and was immediately impressed by her skill. She was able to care for me in a nurturing and competent way. Her ability to see me and understand where I was coming from was profound.  I felt a deep level of empathy, understanding and guidance. The experience was smooth and I felt her expertise, level of care and compassion.

I felt at peace with her ability to take me where I needed to go and she seemed to know where that was, which allowed me to let go, trust and just be in the experience.   

She has compassion for the situation men find themselves in and clearly wants to help them navigate this.  Along my journey there have been many things I’ve needed help with. I’ve worked with men’s groups and there were certain things that men could help me with, and that only they could help me with.  And, the same is true for women, there are different gifts women have and there was healing I could only get from working with a woman.

There are a lot of men who could benefit from this. I wish more knew about it. Anne-Marie blends a unique combination of nurturing, healthy sexuality and physical attraction that helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed or was looking for.

— Erik Pounders, Los Angeles, California

Sandra 2.png

Anne-Marie is a gifted coach, who holds an exquisitely compassionate space for profound shifts and wisdom to emerge.

In our work together I have been opened to embracing my feminine power more fully in my life and in my work. Our coaching journey took us not only into explorations in the emotional, mental, relational and spiritual realms, but also into unwinding old patterns of shame and conditioning in the erotic realm. I had been unconscious that my early erotic conditioning, held in my body, was impacting and limiting my fuller expression.

To me, this more expansive, holistic coaching focus sets Anne-Marie apart from most coaches. Her sensitive, attuned, playful and insightful presence guided me through some challenging spaces to a deep sense of freedom and empowerment.

Her skill in facilitating deep conversation as well as experiential exercises is profound and revolutionary.  I find myself more peaceful, self-compassionate, self-loving and ever more courageous and authentic in my own leadership as a result of our work together.

— Sandra, Boulder, Colorado

Anne-Marie enabled me to step forward and ask for what I desired and needed. She helped me awaken to my power and find the brave, sexy god inside myself.

— E.S., San Francisco, California

Anne-Marie carries the keen gift of seeing beyond what is overtly shown, and listening with her whole heart and body.

In my work with her, I have felt fully accepted, celebrated, and loved — even in (perhaps especially in) all of my unapologetic, vulnerable, sometimes ugly truth-telling.

Anne-Marie's wisdom not only comes from her potent training and experience, but it also feels deeply-rooted in how she's able to connect inwardly with her self and show up in all of her humanness. This provides a level of permissiveness and safety that feels imperative to the medicine she is so generously offering, an important medicine for which our culture is so very hungry.

— Jen Berlingo, Boulder, Colorado

Art sorceress, licensed counselor,
art psychotherapist, reiki master, Jen Berlingo

I had the opportunity to work with Anne-Marie during a time of emotional hardship in my life. The moment I walked into her office, I instantly felt like I could trust her.

During our session, I was introduced to new techniques, concepts I was unfamiliar with and more importantly, she listened with an open heart and without judgement.

Her ability to help uncover deep wounds while communicating with so much empathy is a rare gift. I am so fortunate to have worked with her.

— Eric, Ottawa, Canada

founder, One Tree Cleaning

Anne-Marie has done an amazing job in getting me to connect with and articulating my needs in my relationship. She has many skills to offer in getting one in deeper touch with oneself and then being able to bring that to the world / relationship. She has been a pleasure to work with.

— J.B., Denver, Colorado