May The Bridges We Burn Light The Way

My big and edgy leap!

I have been enjoying a rich life as a leadership consultant and executive coach. It’s deeply satisfying and inspiring to participate in a catalytic movement with leaders who want to access their presence and wisdom as the foundation from which they create and lead.

I recently took a significant professional (and personal) leap when I launched my new business, Your Erotic Nature.

Erotic isn’t just about sex.
It’s about life force, creativity, presence and being embodied.

Your Erotic Nature is an invitation to distinguish myself, and everyone I encounter, as a wildly erotic creature born to create, love, connect, build, design and pulse with vibrant life force, whether we choose to be celibate or have sex three times a day. It’s not about sex it’s about presence, authentic desire and accessing our turn on as our erotic nature.

I’m passionate about this because I watch what becomes possible when we access our creative life force of erotic aliveness. The kind of turn on that happens when collaboration, creativity, rich connection, trust and safety emerge as the ground of innovation and change.

I was resistant and afraid that Your Erotic Nature will be perceived as something that it’s not and cause people to judge me and even question my credibility as a business woman.

And, yet, if I spend my whole life worrying about whether people will accept my vision and path, I remain in chains.

I’m burning the bridges of:

Intimacy coach
  • Hiding for fear of judgment and persecution

  • Tempering my voice to keep the peace

  • Being swung, between two competing voices, “Am I too much? If so, I better get small” and “I’m not enough, so I better keep pushing, trying, proving” (until I collapse or get sick).

  • Keeping the cultural orientation of erotic nature limited to the act of sex and porn

  • Living in my intellect and disconnecting from the wisdom of my body, energy and the unseen world

  • Looking externally for my happiness and the permission to be myself

  • Surrendering into the sense that, no matter what, my life is unfolding in its own perfect way


May the bridges WE burn light the way!

What bridges are you willing to burn so you may be more self expressed, authentic and alive?

Anne-Marie Marron