Join me if you’re hungry to come into deeper alignment with your power, creativity, sovereignty and sexy self.


Erotic energy is our life force and sexuality is one channel through which this life force expresses itself.

Many of us are craving reclaiming our primal roots and expression.

There is so much beauty and deliciousness to experience being devoured by a lover or devouring another.  Yet, that primal beauty turns dark when wild uncontrollable desire is forced upon another without consent.  That’s why waking up to the importance of embodying our power and primal self with integrity is so crucial to our personal and collective evolution.

As a culture we have the opportunity to unlock centuries of shame and rules built around sexuality, fantasy and desire.

The awareness and embodiment of our erotic nature offers healing and integration rather than division and further separation.

It’s time for our erotic energy to awaken and integrate with our power, wisdom and integrity

Historically, many of those who embraced the potency of erotic energy (expressed as creativity, intuition and psychic abilities) were labeled as “witches” and burned at stakes or hanged. Direct contact with our life force (sexually and non-sexually) is a force of nature no different than an earthquake or hurricane.

This powerful source of creativity, intuition and a thriving connection with sensing intelligence beyond mental constructs and rationale is catalytic. I believe that these men and women embodied and remembered their multidimensional selves and bucked systems of compliance and control. Their power was perceived as a threat and harsh tactics were used to silence many of the people who were committed to guiding people back into their hearts, bodies and inner temples.

Those of us on a conscious path of evolution are destined
to integrate our most wild and primal selves with our highest levels of integrity.

When someone remembers the nature of who they are it’s very hard to live boxed in by rules that are intended to control and manipulate. I imagine that the institutions and leaders who wanted to keep people disempowered through fear tactics was an attempt to create a world order of compliance based on judgment, shame and punishment.

Erotic energy is not inherently a dangerous energy. It is powerful. Depending on our levels of consciousness, integrity, and self responsibility, it can be used in magnificently creative, loving, and freeing ways or through violent, painful and non-consensual means.   

My passion for both erotic intelligence, somatic integrative coaching and embodied sexuality fuels me because I want everyone to remember who they are beyond shame, repression and exiled parts of self.

I want to shine a light on our addictions to doing, performing and protecting our vulnerability that interfere with an embodied knowing that our presence of being is our medicine for healing, integration and connection.

I want to help you remember your erotic nature and support you to apprentice to prioritizing your pleasure, power and integrity into all parts of your life.

My Integrative Coaching Approach

I’m an integrative coach who mines with you for the patterns and beliefs that have limited your erotic life force and sexual expression.  I support you to descend from your head into your heart, gut, sex and ground of being as a way of embodiment and feeling your power, integrity and juicy aliveness.

I offer individual coaching that includes both practical and shamanic principles of integration and remembering wholeness through the channels of dialogue, embodied and experiential exercises, introspective guidance, shamanic and integrative practices.

I tap into the wisdom that lives within you through the way that I listen, track and pay attention to what’s occurring through your words, body, emotions and into the most subtle realms of energy and divine guidance.  I guide clients to dive deep to the root of things as quickly as possible. I draw upon mindfulness based tools; somatic based healing and embodied practices; I work with the mystery and my intuition to guide our co-exploration to the depths of what wants to be revealed, healed and integrated.  I include teachings and practices related to neuroscience findings that accelerate growth and build compassion for oneself. In essence, I invite shamanic healing to support the calling home parts of you that have long been exiled and forbidden to exist in a world of “this is who I should be”.


My personal suffering has been my greatest teacher.  My expertise comes directly from my life experience and navigating in the dark and unknown many times in my life.  

Everything you need is within you. Rest, listen and trust that wisdom will be revealed

I have committed my life to developing self-awareness and discovering who I am beyond my self-image and reactive strategies.  I’ve apprenticed to the ways of integrating my mind, heart, gut, sex and ground of being into all that I do. My greatest allies and tool are the natural world, my body, emotions, space, silence, feedback from people I respect and mindfulness practices. My deep dives have been initiated by suffering and pain (physical, emotional, mental and dark forces of mind and conditioning.)  

I have entered the gates of integration through healing sexual trauma, unwinding PTSD from childhood events, attachment healing; a chronic illness; loss and death; solitude and aloneness. I’m an ever-evolving creature that continues to explore, resist and surrender to the path of befriending the unknown and my shadows as nectar’s doorway to freedom and inner peace.

I have sought my value through doing, producing and education, which has served me well. But, much to my surprise the re-discovery of my power came from collapsing into an extended and unwanted mysterious health crisis. This challenge became an overflowing chalice of gifts and wisdom drawing me deep into my inner temple of mind-body where erotic energy and shamanic initiations showed me the power of presence and healing life force.

Leadership & Power


Leadership and power have been a passion of mine since I was young.

Not because I felt inspired by the leaders and their use of power but because I felt disillusioned.  I knew there had to be another way of engaging with power dynamics that was based on connection, inclusion, and respect rather than reactivity, fear-based control, and self-appointed ownership.

For the past 25 years I’ve operated in various forms of coaching and consulting in the business environment. (Learn more about Revealing Wisdom, The Path of Primal Leadership, my integrative leadership coaching and organizational development consulting offerings for corporate leaders) 

We’re in a pivotal time of awakening, change and growth on the planet.  I’ve seen enormous shifts occur through integrating mindfulness and neuroscience-based principles into the workplace.

Self-awareness and mind-body based teachings and tools are becoming foundational principles for how leaders orient to their power, integrity and creativity.

In my experience inviting conversations related to re-integrating erotic intelligence and embodied sexuality has become an unexpected force of healing and transformation. Drawing aspects of ourselves out of the shadows and into direct conversation with one another opens a doorway for collective embodied confidence. This integral weaving of ‘culturally taboo topics’ has been a game changer.

I’m deeply committed to my work with pioneering organizational leaders who commit to the power source of embodiment through mind-heart-body and presence of being. On the surface sexuality and business seem like unlikely bed partners. However, what I’ve been tracking over years of this work is that how a leader connects to their erotic life force, and the satisfaction of their sexual expressions, impacts how they lead, love and listen.

As a consultant, coach and woman, I am present to the shifting currents of my erotic power and turn on. When I’m in conscious relationship to these parts of myself I am relaxed and curious. I have no agenda beyond infusing the field with questions, curiosity, playfulness and pure creative potential. When I feel someone’s creative turn on or I hear about their performance issues and fears of failure in business, or in bed, I am glimpsing into their creative genius, desires, visions and longing to contribute and connect to something larger than themselves.

We live in a time when shadows are revealing searing cuts of separation and pain that has further fueled polarization between races, genders and economic classes.   It’s my wish that we can come back to the heart of who we are as individuals and reunify into the One source of creative and erotic nature.

I want to co-create a world of leaders who are embracing the embodiment of our power source of inclusivity and oneness.

Trainings and Certifications:

The following are some of the most pivotal certifications and practices I’ve studied along my journey

  • Certified Coach in The Somatic Method, Sexuality and Relationship based coaching

  • Trained in the Hakomi Method, a somatica, mind-body experiential psychotherapeutic model

  • Certified Heartmath Trainer, a science based pathway to reduce stress and raise consciousness

  • Power Dynamics trainings: 

    • The Light Dark Institute: I have deeper immersed myself in all of their offerings, staffed and run production for their workshops. Through this body of work  have found deeper acceptance for the range of my human experience that lives in the dark.

    • ForteFemme: a dive into the dynamics of power, dominance and submission

  • Somatic based MeditationMeditating with the Body

  • Certified Professional Coach: IPEC International and further training through Authentic Coaching & Authentic Leadership at Naropa University 

  • Heartmath Resilience Advantage Facilitator and Trainer: A neuroscience approach to self-awareness, stress management and rewiring the brain” Boulder Creek, California

  • Massage: Certified in Swedish massage from Cypress Institute in Santa Cruz and studied extensively at Esalen Institute for advanced bodywork skills 

  • Energy Bodywork: Certified in polarity therapy, received my reiki master level in 2004 

  • PTSD & Trauma Training: Trained for 2 years in Somatic Experiencing: a trauma based therapeutic model, 

  • Restorative Justice Mediation Facilitator: Longmont Restorative Justice Partnership, Colorado

  • Strozzi Leadership Institute: Leadership trainings with the Strozzi Leadership Institute (based on the principles of Aikido), Petaluma, California

  • Authentic Leadership, Naropa University (student 2004 and Professional coach 2008-2012)

  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution Facilitator: Certified through CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado

  • Certified Hatha yoga Teacher: Seven Centers Yoga, Sedona, Arizona

  • Masters in Business Administration, specialization in strategy and information systems, Loyola University Chicago

  • I’ve been committed to meditation with various lineages and teachers including multiple silent retreats 

  • I’ve been an avid student of quantum theory; kundalini yoga; Joe Dispenza’s body of work with healing; and other inspiring modalities and practices

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